Saturday, February 26, 2011


My collection (sounds better than stash) of ribbon has grown a lot over the past few months.  I'm trying to keep it all organized, within reach and portable for crops, without spending much (or anything).  I tried using hangers

 but that didn't work.  I don't have the wall space for it.

Then I attempted punching holes in plastic bags, that was just horrible all the way around.  I tried wire-slotted shelves but they weren't big enough and didn't hold things well.  At one point I considered putting everything into a bin, but I couldn't figure out a good way to see all the different pieces.

So, I am back to the basket I originally had.

I spent 3 hours (I know this because it was a longer nap time than usual) tightly rolling all the ribbon and placing it into the basket with ends sticking out.

Technically all the ribbon fits, but barely.  This can be portable and it does fit in my scrap area.

I will continue to use this until I figure something else out.  I do have my eye on a couple of toy holders...but I have to wait until the boys are done playing with the toys first.

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