Wednesday, February 16, 2011

panic attack

Shortly after New Year's, I really began to question how I scrapbook.  There was so many new products coming out that I didn't like or probably wouldn't use and that started to scare me.  Why don't I like or use stamps?  Why does it seem like the things I scrap don't coordinate with the new themes and releases so many companies are doing?

Then I saw this and really lost it.

It's one of the first papers I bought in 2006 when I began to use "fancy" papers in my albums.  I was so excited to find it and had so many plans when I bought this.  Now, almost 5 years later, it's still in my stash.  (It didnt help when I realized I had just bought some other paper and used it the day after I purchased it.) 

I began to question EVERYTHING.  Why do I still have this?  Why haven't I considered using it?  What else do I have in my stash that I constantly don't use?

I looked in my books and notice I don't scrap birthdays, actual holidays like Christmas, Easter, 4th of July but I do scrap putting lights on the tree or dying eggs.  I do a lot of pages about random occurrences and things my kids do, or fixing up the house.  Is there something wrong with me?  Am I not scrapping right?  Will my kids be mad or lose out later because I don't scrap these days?

I freaked.

I posted my concerns on and talked to my husband.  Many other scrappers commented that they don't scrap the same things as me and the potential for people to have those pics plays a role in manufacturers selling those themes.

My husband (total supporter of scrapbooking, by the way) reassured me that my books are fine.  Its ok not to scrap 'the day' because everyone has their own version of what happened.  Plus I capture many moments that are overlooked and easily forgotten.  And if the kids want me to scrap a certain day they can ask me to when they are older.

I let out a HUGE sigh of relief.

Now I have accepted that I don't like/use everything that is popular, and my tastes or ideas may change over time.  Plus my kids already like my books just as they are.


  1. There is no right way to scrapbook! So, don't fret.
    Also, I too have a lot of old papers like that I don't use. Make a big pile of them, and sell them on craigslist. There are people out there that will buy brand new scrappers who don't want to spend a ton of money. I think I made $50 once selling old supplies online that I just didn't use, or that weren't quite my style. :) Just an idea!
    Plus....the kids will remember lots of birthdays, but they may not remember what you did on a random Saturday afternoon when they were 10, or whatever.

  2. I have lots of papers I bought and never used...I now give them away or sell them...
    some of them I can't say goodbye to and still keep them...but I guess I will give them to my girls to use someday.

  3. we all scrap so differently and styles change, new techniques are discovered or old one reborn. You shouldn't panic as you're not alone. Think every scrapbooker has paper or ebellies they have never used. I have papers I can't bring myself to cut up as they are so pretty :) main thing is your are preserving your boys memories. My daughters regularly go thru my albums and I cringe when they pull out my first every album, but you know what - they love them and thats what matters!