Monday, February 28, 2011

My Time - part 2 - large shapes

For the layout I am making, I LOVE the look of the large shape on this Fancy Pants paper, but not in those colors.  So I used their paper as a template and made my own like this:

- I verified that my picture and other page elements would fit within the large shape.

- I took some tracing paper, laid it over the Fancy Pants paper and tacked it to the desk with my removable adhesive.  This way nothing will move while I trace the shape and the adhesive can be rubbed off the desk later.

- Use a pencil and trace the shape.

- Flip over the tracing paper onto a scrap piece of paper.  Use a pencil and cover the original lines on the back side of the tracing paper.  Then place the tracing paper, right side up, over the good paper you want to make the shape out of.  My first color was white (it will imitate the blue on the Fancy Pants paper).

- Cut out the shape, place and adhere it to your background paper.

- Repeat the steps for any other colors and adhere them to the main page.

In the end, you will have your own version of what you traced.

Here is my paper and the original.

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