Monday, February 21, 2011


I want to thank Sue from Scrap Petite for the awesome 'Stylish Blog Award' she gave me.  What a wonderful thing to see!  Thank you.

The requirements for receiving this award is to list 8 things about me and to pass it on to 8 other blogs.  This is so much fun.  :)

About me:
- I LOVE the color green.
- I have a bunny.  His name is Cole and he's 7.5 years old.
- I have an Associates and Bachelor's in Interior Design.
- My favorite drinks are Dr. Pepper and Moselland Reisling wine.
- As long as I can remember, I've organized my markers in 'rainbow order.' (roygbiv)
- I have been watching 'Days of Our Lives' for over 15 years.
- My feet are always cold.
- Being introduced to scrapbooking (husband's fault) is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

The blogs I chose to send this to:

- The girls at The Scrappy Tree
- Julie's A Creative Journey Through Life
- Erica's Zunky Chic
- Danielle's Piperloo
- Doreen's Really? That just happened?
- Valeria's Scraplicious Val
- Jazmin's Jazzy Cards
- Ashley's Paper, Catnip and Cupcakes

Thank you all for the support and making me smile.


  1. Awww... thanx so much sweetie!

  2. Thanx Chicklet! You rock! Thank you for the support xo