Saturday, December 24, 2011

Top 10

A fellow scrapbooker Ms. Schwiet suggested listing my top 10 favorite layouts created this year.  It was a lot of fun looking at them all again.  It was hard to pick, but here is my list:

10- 2011. I like how this shows everything we did without being cluttered. And I was impressed with how many pictures I was in during the year.

9- Bills clothes It's hard to cheer for a losing team, but we look good doing it. The 'photo shoot' for this was fun too.

8- Chill-axin I like being able to capture my kids just being kids. This was a fun layout of my oldest doing some of his favorite things; sitting in his chair, drinking, watching tv.

7- Hugs My youngest is know for his great hugs. I was so glad to show off that skill.

6- Skype This is a great picture, nice layout and cute embellies. I just like how it turned out.

5- Smile! Seriously? This layout makes me laugh every time I see or think about it. Every time.

4- Truck Window I really liked these pictures and I really enjoy the hiding and layering of them.

3- Work Party This is one of a few 'pretty' layouts I have done. I was very happy when all the free hand flourishes turned out so nice. And it's a great picture.

2- My Time I love the colors, design and topic of this layout. Everything came together very well and I love the result.

1- Stop Light This layout turned out really cute. But the main reason it's my favorite is because it's my son's favorite. He loved this so much, he asked for it to be in his room. That request is one of the best I have ever gotten.

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful Christmas weekend with your family.  If we're lucky, we'll get to spend it looking at our scrapbooks too.  Merry Christmas from us to you!

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  1. Awesome accomplishments this year. Thanks for jumping all aboard. I so love #2 with the Buffalo pattern paper...I think I lifted #8; and the angle in layout #6 was beyond awesome and #1 is a true example of your "fun" style