Wednesday, September 21, 2011

They asked....

My kids regularly ask to see the 'picture books.'  So I will sit with them as we all look at the scrapbooks.  My husband was able to take a photo of this.

Since I made the 'stop light' layout, my oldest son can't get enough of it.  Every time he sees me on he asks to see the stop light.  When I go near my scrap space, he asks again.  Finally I offered to put it in his room.  He was VERY excited to watch me hang it up.  Now he tells everyone about the stop light on the wall.

It happened to be his 3rd birthday when I hung it up for him.  As a scrapbooking mommy, I was beyond happy.  My boy wants to see things mommy makes in his room.  I don't know of I higher compliment or thank you.

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