Thursday, September 13, 2012

My CJ's last pages

For 3 1/2 years I have been involved in a post card circle journal.  I finally received my finished book.  It is so touching to see all the work everyone did and all the different styles we have.

As originally planned, I made 2 more pages to finish out my book.  They show how my life, and style have grown over time.  All the pages I made for everyone's book have the same elements.

  This is the left page with our family and a post card.

It flips down to show another postcard. I had to include this one because the boys love driving over the 'fancy' bridge.

This is the right page. 

 It shows where we live, plus all the people and companies that are relevant to the area.

Here is the opening page I made for the book many years ago.  You can see we have lost a bunny but added a son since then.

And this is the first details page I made.  I like the current ones much better.

My how things have changed.


  1. what an interesting concept for a scrapbook. Thanks for sharing so much I love it and it gives me ideas galore! ;) Kathi

  2. What a fun idea and it turned out great!