Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter Decor

Last week I bought some paper that was so cute I wanted to see it all the time.  So I made a winter wall hanging.  I did a winter one so it will match my other holiday items and it can be up after x-mas.

Here is how I made it.  First I jotted down a rough sketch of my idea and assembled any products I might want to use.

Then I used mycutsearch.com to see which cartridges various images were on.  I used Accent Essentials, Create a Critter, George and Basic Shapes, Plaintin Schoolbook and Sesame Street Friends cartridges on my Circut to cut out the different shapes.  For the presents, I didn't like the all the 'ribbon' so I cut off the bottom part.

After that I decided which colors I wanted to use in the open spaces on the snowmen.

I used some scraps from other shapes to fill the empty spots.

Next I added some bling and other accents.

After all the pieces were made and dry, I moved them around until I like the layout.

Once I knew how wide the 9 parts were going to be, I prepared the top banner.  I used 3 different fonts, and 2 techniques. 

For all the e's, I used Glue Stic to temporarily hold the center in place while dabbing the ink.

To help hold the main ribbon, I pushed it through a small hole with a brad.  I then folded the brad over the ribbon and used hot glue to hold everything firmly in place.  (note: You may need to add chipboard or other firmer material to the back of the banner to keep it from warping while it's hung.)

Let everything dry and wha-la!  An awesome winter wall hanging!

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  1. WOW!!! This is gorgeous and so much attention to detail. I love that the top of the hanger isn't just a rectangle and that as the pieces move the light will catch the little dots of bling. Gorgeous!