Thursday, July 21, 2011


In the past week my mojo has returned!  Attending crops always helps too.  Here are some layouts I finished, started or packed but assembled after the crop:

This is my older son peeking out of a box.  I kept the layout simple like the picture.

This is my younger son dyeing eggs.  It was the first year he was big enough to participate.  Looking at the title you can see my preference for playing on words.  (I think that's called a pun...)  I also loved that I got to use purple!

The only frustrating part of this layout is I had to fix/alter 2 letters.  The 'e' in dyeing and the 't.'  I know I could have used my new Cricut and everything would have been perfect, but I'm trying to use up other products I already own.

Here is my younger son getting his first haircut.  The stylist was really good and kept giving him small toys to distract him.  Kids always look older after they get their haircut.  And yes, I kept some of his hair after she cut it.

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